Campus Ministry

The goal of Campus Ministry is to encourage and nurture faith in God through Jesus Christ. Campus Ministry provides a safe environment and diverse opportunities for students to develop their character and grow their faith in preparation for leaving here and going into the future as Christian leaders.

Campus Ministry is always looking for ways to love God and to love others.  We believe that God’s purpose will be accomplished through us as we:

  • Cultivate community during worship together corporately at our weekly worship service and twice weekly chapel services
  • Promote a safe, family-like atmosphere in small voluntary dorm groups
  • Mentor students as disciples of Jesus Christ and Christian leaders
  • Provide a variety of optional, youth-club type activities focused on building relationships and community
  • Take part in serving others through individual and group commitments
  • Offer pastoral care and concern to individual students.

We offer a variety of ministries that allow students to serve God. At the nucleus are our six core values:

  • Keeping Jesus at the center
  • Bringing every member into ministry
  • Guiding every member to maturity
  • Creating a tight community
  • Encouraging spiritual growth
  • Nurturing a safe place